The IT industry is high stress. Dealing with deadlines, details, databases... database crashes. But since you're on this page, chances are that's not news to you. We do our best to minimize stress, to stop and smell the roses. But don't let the 22 foot shuffleboard table, quadracopter drone, Nintendo wii and overused dartboard around our office fool you - we still work hard.

We value people. We do our best to ensure that everyone feels welcome- that includes partners, cleaning people, customers, and the UPS guy. And we're committed to our employees and their families. We feel that attending your child's production of Peter Pan takes precedence over an “important” business meeting.

OST has high standards for adopting new employees into the family. We're only interested in highly motivated, exceptional professionals who have a genuine desire to please our customers. Our feet-kicked-up-on-the-desk management style only works for unique people that operate well with minimal structure. They're the ones that hated to be told when to take naptime in preschool. You remember Jimmy. He works for us now.


Current Openings

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