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OST: A Technology Services Success Story

We feel more like a family than a corporation.

Forgive us if our hair is a mess. Or if you catch us wearing a neck brace. It’s just that we’ve been on a wild ride for the past few years. Inc. 5,000 has put us on their lists of fastest growing private companies every year since 2007. And we were named to the CRN Tech Elite 250 list in 2012, 2013 and 2014, 2015 & 2016. Why? We’re glad you asked…Empathetic technology: Now available to help solve your business needs. It’s easy for words like “integrity” and “sincerity” to sound, well … insincere these days. That’s too bad. Especially since those are the two words that best describe our corporate culture.

We live and breathe integrity in all things. In fact, our company mascot is not your average dancing chicken with a rotund papier-mâché head. It’s a word: genuine. Just what you’d look for in a friend (in this case, a ridiculously smart and helpful friend). Our unique, relaxed style has made for exceptionally low turnover here at Open Systems Technologies. Call it our midwest sensibility. Call it our old school work ethic. Whatever the case, you’ll be happy you called.

OST: What’s not to love?

We’re not your average technology & design services company. The sharpest minds in the industry. A wide breadth of expertise. A proven track record of big picture thinking among the biggest corporate players. All of the above plus, we’re genuine, likable people you can trust. Yes, we’d like your business, but more importantly, it’s your confidence that means the most to us. And we’d like to earn it for the long haul.

Our secret weapon: The brightest brains in the room.

The smartest thing we’ve ever done? Hire the smartest people. See, you put 99 random virtual desktop experts in a room together with our top VDI expert, and we can pretty much guarantee our guy will be the best of the bunch. And we’ve got  one for every category of need: Application Development, Analytics, Security, Design Strategy, Internet of Things (IoT), Manged Service, Data Center Modernization, Virtualization,and Cloud Strategies . These folks aren’t just your everyday geeks, they’re ubergeeks. It’s our hiring policy. Now our team of bright thinkers is ready to put their smarts to work for you.

Small egos, yes. Small potatoes, no.

Don’t let our “aw shucks” client relation philosophy fool you. We run with the big dogs when it comes to technical prowess. We’ve earned due respect in the industry, yet we’re still small enough to stay responsive. And respond we have, working our magic on-site in countries like the UK, Singapore, UAE (Dubai), Canada, China (Hong Kong), Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, and Germany. We’re easy to do business with, too, signing virtually all our contracts without modification. We use common sense and always stand behind our word. That makes for fewer headaches, and more headway.

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