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OST currently offers several custom managed services which are focused on technologies such as Unix, Database (Oracle and Informix), VMware, Windows Server, Citrix, Storage, and Network. In most cases, the servers and storage are located in our customer’s data centers. We also offer the option of choosing cloud-based services from cloud vendors like DataPipe, Amazon, and US Signal.

OST can provide cloud resources (like DataPipe, AWS, Azure, etc.) as an alternative to owning servers and storage or hosting. For customers who aren’t sure what they need or are considering options to leverage cloud for certain workloads, we can match them with the right solution and even assist with migration, performance tuning, and availability. Existing OST clients may be interested in adding beneficial services like Managed Cloud Backup and Recovery or Cloud Supported Disaster Recovery Services.

 Our fab four for Managed Services Customers include the following:

1. Cloud Guidance – This service is to help our small and mid-sized managed services customers define a cloud vision for their unique business.

2. Cloud Migration – As the name suggests, this is about helping our customers migrate from their current environment to a new “on-demand” cloud environment or mixed/hybrid environment, intermingling current infrastructure with some cloud components.

3. Cloud Optimization – Once the migration is complete, OST tunes and automates the migrated systems to ensure the best mix of performance, availability and flexibility.

4. Cloud Assurance – OST’s monthly, managed service of the customer’s cloud environment includes benefits such as systems monitoring for performance, availability, and application support – but with some or all of the infrastructure components being cloud based.

In addition to offering the cloud products and services above, OST also offers two specific cloud data protection solutions that are in high demand and deliver unique customer advantages.

1. OST Cloud Supported Disaster Recovery – In the past, companies needed to spend far more on infrastructure for their continuity solutions than anything else – more than tools or bandwidth  to keep everything in sync and to protect systems, and critical data in case of disaster.  Today’s shared, “pay-as-you go” cloud model is a perfect way to reduce those infrastructure costs. Private, hybrid or public-cloud models or in combination, OST can help organizations build multi-site disaster recovery configurations. The cloud is a smart, secure and economical alternative to a second physical site.

2. Cloud BU & Recovery ServicesYour data is a vital business asset and protecting it is critical.  Not only do you need offsite data protection, but you must also be able to recover it quickly. OST’s Managed Backup as a Service allows companies to backup and recover data over existing Internet bandwidth. Secure, efficient data protection is provided automatically, without requiring the physical move of data from a customer’s location to an offsite repository. You define the schedule for providing continuous data protection according to your recovery objectives and our team ensures that data is transferred our secure data center – without investing in costly secondary storage – for easy offsite protection as well as efficient recovery.