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Your schedule is all yours, kid.

Think blondes have the most fun? You’ve never met the OST Sales team. (Especially the blondes on our sales team!) We span the US from coast to coast and although the work is often independent, when this team gets together, we have a riot. We also get a kick out of flexing our entrepreneurial muscles and helping our clients rise to incredible new heights of what’s possible–from implementing a new End User Compute Strategy for this healthcare organization to making sure that bank or credit union’s security systems are ironclad. In this line of work, it’s all about building relationships and being a catalyst for transformational business opportunities. And the best part? Your schedule is all yours, kid. You decide what every hour, day and week looks like, knowing that OST always has your back with an incredible support system–infrastructure, processes and stories to help you tackle even the most challenging opportunities. No transactional client relationships here. In fact, we’re still partnering with our very first client from nearly two decades ago!

We’re going to say it again–your schedule is your own. That can be super cool or super intimidating. It’s up to you to figure out what to do–no one is handing out homework. You’ll learn what and where your resources are and how to access them, as well as what type of accounts to best penetrate. You’ll get smart, fast, about what sales approach is most successful and how to positively differentiate OST from the pack.

The Sales Team at OST is pretty unique (in a good way); different from any other sales organization I've ever been a part of. Although each of us is empowered to “run our own business” as John Thayer, the Director of Sales, likes to say, the sense of cooperation and willingness to share approaches among other sales people is something of a rarity in an enterprise sales organization. We support each other and truly want each other to be as successful as possible.

Dan Frank

Account Manager