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Marketing Team

We. Are. Everywhere.

The OST marketing team has their pulse on the entire organization and handles responsibilities across all of the companies’ geographies. We. Are. Everywhere.

Marketing at OST is focused on serving the organization through a data driven design strategy. This leads to creating customer-centric experiences, increasing brand awareness, driving new opportunities, and developing various communications and public relations strategies. Whew. In order to accomplish all of this and more, we work hard. We hit the gym. Try to eat right. We also combine forces with a diverse and immensely talented team of strategic vendor partners. In the end, we’re guided by our award-winning OST culture, our stellar employees, and out-of-the-box solutions which truly make OST and its brand unique.

A few accomplishments our team chalked up over the past year:

  • Led national campaigns across healthcare, manufacturing and finance industries
  • Created *this* new website!
  • Drove earned media opportunities highlighting innovative solutions, thought leadership, awards, employee successes, and fun OST culture happenings
  • Hosted 132 events (internal and external)
  • Increased community engagement through sponsorships, events, and volunteerism
  • Laughed (a lot)

"One of the (many) things I love about working for the OST marketing team is our ability to collaborate across the organization. This allows the team to work on many different types of projects while remaining agile in order to serve our clients and employees with the expert-level results they expect from OST."

Atikh Bana

Marketing & Communications