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Our job is to prevent problems.

In OST Managed Services we monitor, support, guide, and protect many thousands of servers, storage arrays, databases, routers (inhale!), firewalls, and the occasional automated home beer brewing system. Our job is to prevent problems, but if they do occur, we swoop in, with capes on (and well…pants), to save the day.

Most OST Managed Services team members work from home, though the team frequently assembles at various establishments for the consumption of liquid recreation, and a good (or sometimes very bad) joke. And while there might be no dress code working at home, we still do require those pants. Fair enough, superhero?

“Working in Managed Services brings something new every day. Whether it's working on a routine project or request, doing an upgrade, or troubleshooting a mission critical system to get the business back up and running, we see and handle it all. Never a dull moment!”

Chris House

Enterprise Support Specialist