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Internal Systems

Where “The Lights” are more than just bulbs.

At OST, The internal support team can juggle nine running chainsaws, solve four complex trigonometric equations, compose three haiku about the relevance of IP-v6, and deftly repair 20 “Working Offline” issues in Outlook…all in the time it takes to ask “Did you turn it off and back on again?” Our ultra-talented Internal Support group can handle everything from new employee workstations and workgroup specific support applications, to a concise but thorough explanation of why your dog won’t sit. Across multiple locations, OST Internal Support ensures that workstations, servers, phones, security, audio-visual, internet, chairs, mice, iPads, e-mail (and interns) all “just work.”

Oh, and the actual lights? It’s our job to keep those on too.

“Internal IT jobs consist of two things, technology and people, both of which are anything but ordinary at OST. Every day I have the opportunity to encounter (and play around with) new top of the line technology. What’s more, I support people who are fun and engaged in their work – even when their computers aren’t. Working in a tightly knit team focuses our breadth of knowledge and expertise on improving systems and processes around the business, so others at OST have the tools they need to get the job done."

Joel Vanderveen

Internal Support