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Data Center Solutions

Solving incredibly complex technology problems since the last century!

Remember that MacGyver guy? The dude who could be locked in a vault at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, perched on the edge of a volcano ready to blow and armed only with a piece of paper, roll of duct tape, Swiss Army knife and a paperclip? He’d stop the missiles from launching, save the world–and his hair would still looked great. Well that guy had nothing on our Data Center Solutions team. Chuck Norris wishes he could be on the OST Data Center Team. In fact, he WAS on the OST Data Center Team, but he couldn’t keep up when converged infrastructure became all the rage so we sent him packing. Our Data Center Solutions crew understands servers…and storage…and networks…and disaster recovery…and high availability. We know how to keep all the little blinky lights blinking and electrons flowing so that the business of America can be transacted! (Cue The Star Spangled Banner…) This team also knows how to virtualize virtualized virtualizations and then back ’em up and restore them in the blink of an electric eye! We can build you a data center from scratch, move your existing data center across the country or transfer your entire operation to the cloud. And speaking of the cloud–we practically invented it! (Well…not really…but we know the brother of the neighbor of the guy who did.) We spend our days helping clients solve their toughest infrastructure problems and our nights working on perpetual motion. Remember back in the late nineties when they told you the geeks were going to inherit the earth? Well, that’s us, and if all this sounds pretty darn cool to you…then suit up!

Creating meaningful solutions that solve problems for our customers is why I do what I do as a Solution Architect for OST.

Dennis Boutorwick

Solutions Architect

Working in DCS requires equal parts technical aptitude and skill with people. I think it’s the technology that gets me out of bed but it’s the customer need that keeps me up late delivering a solution. For me it’s all about the people, the relationship and customer need.

Cyrus Ruel

Technology Consultant