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Application Development

We never met a problem we didn’t like.

Any day on the app dev team might involve a wide variety of things: traveling to a client site, participating in a meeting to review your client’s work process, running a collaboration brainstorming session on ways to improve a client’s business, visualizing how a client’s new application will work and act, building pieces of a website to meet a particular design, parking yourself up on the roof deck to develop code with a client’s business data, providing recommendations to help make client data and system’s more secure, innovating ways for applications–and businesses–to move faster and more efficiently, being there for a client when there’s a problem, getting schooled in new technologies and programming techniques, teaching other teammates about new ideas and processes, winning a heated round of shuffleboard…and then grabbing lunch.

We’ve got a lot of balls in the air here. One of our favorite things to do is something we call “greenfield business application design and development.” We take a new idea or concept that a client has–maybe a new consumer facing mobile application or tool for a manual process in their accounting department–and build up the design, business logic and software programming. All the thinking and doing necessary to bring the idea to life. We focus on the business objectives and goals for a particular application, help design the end-user web or mobile screens and then build out the solution in one of a number of programming languages and frameworks. Our most comfortable toolset is the Microsoft .NET framework, but we’re fluent in a lot of other platform languages as well.

OST’s app dev team boasts monthly nerd lunches–yeah, we’re owning it–where team members share new technologies they’ve learned or cool stuff we’re working on. We also host meet-up groups. Some teach classes, others give lectures…our team stays pretty involved with the dev community. Recently, we hosted GR GiveCamp and taught middle school girls how to code at BitCamp. What’s next? You tell us.