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Bassett Healthcare Network

The Bassett Healthcare Network is an integrated health care system that provides care and services to people living in an eight county region covering 5,600 square miles in upstate New York. The organization includes six corporately affiliated hospitals, as well as skilled nursing facilities, community and school-based health centers, and health partners in related fields.

The Network is an innovative and unique health care system that connects comprehensive care and services to people living throughout central New York. The Network has been ranked as one of the top 100 most integrated health systems in the nation.

The Challenge

Have you ever done something that has never been done before? That was our challenge at Bassett Healthcare Network in Cooperstown, New York.  We identified the opportunity at an IBM/Dell shop that has never purchased HP blades before.  OST developed the design, putting together a configuration that we believed would work well for their Epic/RedHat environment.

The Solution

We faced product delivery challenges, HP communication challenges, support issues and a technical obstacle just a few days before the commit date on a very tight schedule (under three weeks from product ship to completion of testing).  The team got the resources they needed, addressed the problem and dealt with the difficulties in a way that led to great satisfaction from the customer and a positive review from the Epic technical team.

Business Benefits

Cost savings are realized in many ways by running Epic on Linux and Intel-based servers. Server hardware and OS licensing costs are much lower than for UNIX/RISC solutions. The blade solution helps to lower costs even more, by reducing the number of network cards, fans, and power supplies required, along with associated space, power and cooling requirements.


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